From time immemorial it has been proved that it is only change that brings in growth, it is only change that brings in improvement, for, not to change is to stagnate. Perceptible changes happen only when the new ideas help to adapt oneself with the times. The school as an instrument of social change has been recognized by society as a strong force in influencing the winds that manifest the change.

The world today demands more from each one of us whether it is social, political, moral or intellectual attitudinal behavior. It is we adults who will be the harbinger and perpetrators of such adaptation of the child in all its entirety. The onus lies on the parents, guardians and the teachers in creating the learning environment which helps the child to take up new challenges in adapting himself or herself in this complex world.

I am happy that under the umbrella of the prestigious Delhi Public School Society and our very capable teachers, our school has nurtured itself over the past so many years to bear testimony to the fact that our students are globally competitive and immensely capable in preparing them for a better tomorrow. Our students realize in time that they have to create a niche for themselves in a world that is seamless and where acquisition of knowledge is the only way to acclimatize themselves to this fast-paced ever-changing world of theirs.

Our students understand the importance of values in their lives, they understand how imperative it is to stay rooted to the ground even while building for themselves, strong wings to fly.

Anurekha Barkakoti


Copyright 2008 DPS, Numaligarh